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Boho skirt upcycled from deniem shorts

Back to hippy days. Made my skirt from old shorts I then added 5 inch squares. Cut the shorts below zip in the front and slightly higher on the sides. First row has two extra square. Second row 11/2 to each square on first row and third row is 2 square to each square in 2nd row. The next few rows have 2 extra square per row just gathered in. If you making one chose lighter fabric otherwise your skirt will be very heavy. 

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So we did the baby shower with a bee theme

My daughter Mandy is expecting number two at the end of July. My eldest daughter Sally and I put together a baby shower. We were impressed with ourselves hahaha it came together ! Sally creatively made a baby in a bee outfit for the cake topping which came out even better than expected. Sally’s husband Steve made the cake and also made some fudge which we added to the bee hive boxes. Along with the embroidered serviette holders that are an embroidery design for lipgloss holders that I altered slightly sewing them on felt         Lots of daisies pulled it all together.


So what is machine embroidery

The modern machines of today are far superior to the sewing machines of yesteryear. From self threading to camera so you can place your needle in the correct spot but of course the biggest revolution is the embroidery machine. The capabilities of the machine to embroider in larger hoop space is deciding factor of which machine to buy and of course the price. they can range in price from $3 000 to about $20 000 NZ. Mine can sew 20 x 30 cm hoop which i find is more than i need. my machine us a Brother NV1e although the machine comes with designs and stitches there is always something you want personally digitized for you. i always call on Mandy from Veronica and me designs.https://www.facebook.com/veronicaandme/

Mandy has a great example of how she digitizers here https://www.facebook.com/veronicaandme/videos/1630500367222563/