Whanganui or Wanganui?

Bearing in Wanganui with the river flow dipicted on it.

Snow on the mountain 


Art in Taranaki

Enjoying the art around the town Centre in New Plymouth. This elephant is painted on the building.

Look at the size of these eels. Must be well fed by the public. I would be weary of these eels if I was a duck swimming around in these waters.

This is under the bridge. Reminded me of the story of the trolls under the bridge. 

The beauty is all around us.

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While meandering…..

I came across this cute little shop 

The lady was so friendly and explained to us all about her weaving business.

So interesting as many years ago we did this weaving my sister in law Joyce and I. We had the guys make us frames and we patiently weaved and tied our wool. We made lots of baby blankets. Now this new concept is so much better and Sue teaches how to do it. Here is s link to her business.